Will joining a club help me learn about nutrition?
Yes! Many clubs have years of experience. If it is your first Tri or first Ironman, it is critical to nail your nutritional needs without years of trial and error.

Why should I use energy drinks, bars, or gels?
Your body can only store a set amount of available energy. For training or a race of less than one hour ,you may not need it. If the event or training is over one hour, it is suggested you start to replace the stored energy every 15 to 20 minutes. This will allow your body to tap into this energy later. Many athletes have bonked because of little or no calorie intake during a race or training.

Which energy drink, bar, or gel is best?
Good question! Triathletes have many choices of energy drinks, bars, and gels. The best choice actually varies by athlete. It is best to train with and use what you will be served on the race course at your event. With trial and error, you will know what is best for your body. Members can share their experience which helps with the trial and error. What a great reason to join a club!
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Is it important to use electrolyte/sodium replacements?
Yes! Weather is a big factor in use of these supplements. The more you sweat, the more you will need electrolytes and sodium. A hot and humid day is a day to make sure you are using the correct dosage. Athletes vary on sweat rates. Some need more replenishment than others. Trial and error is involved. Hyponatremia usually results from drinking too much, especially when drinking fluids such as plain water or a sports drink lacking the proper electrolyte profile. Training and fitness levels, weather conditions, and undoubtedly biological predisposition also contribute to developing this form of hyponatremia known as water intoxication. It can be a long learning curve! Shorten the learning curve by joining a triathlon club!

How many calories will I burn?
Another good question! Please check out this calorie calculator for more information.

Is a recovery drink important?
Yes! Most suggest to replace calories and protein within 30 minutes of finishing training or an event. This allows your depleted muscles to replace lost energy stores and helps repair and build muscle. There are many recovery drinks on the market. Members of our club can share with you what works for them.


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