Swim Workouts

Redline Triathlon Club offers group swim workouts. For our indoor season, we offer organized group swims on Saturdays for all swim levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced). For the outdoor season, we have group open water swims weekly. For more details please visit Calendar or if questions Contact Us.

Wetsuit Program

Redline is excited offered to you the opportunity to borrow a wetsuit from the club. We understand that triathlons can be a very expensive sport. Also, if you are new to triathlons and want to try out a wetsuit here is your chance.

There is a deposit fee of $30 per rental, which will be refunded when the wetsuit is returned in the same condition in which you received it. Damage to the suit will impact the refund. Contact info@redlinetriclub.org if you would like to borrow a wetsuit.

We have limited sizes available:

Womens Large Sleeveless (Xterra Wetsuit)
Womens Medium – With Sleeves ( Xterra Wetsuit)
Womens Large – With Sleeves ( Xterra Wetsuit)
Womens Medium – With Sleeves ( Xterra Wetsuit)
Mens Medium – With Sleeves ( Xterra Wetsuit)
Mens Medium – With Sleeves ( Xterra Wetsuit)
Mens Large – with Sleeves (Xterra Wetsuit)

Wetsuit Rental from our sponsor, Attitude Sports
• Rental Cost $30/Weekend (Neosport and Profile Designs)
Contact dave@attitudesports.com

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