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We, as Redline Board members, are here to serve you. We provide information for members, organize group swims, socials, training opportunities, and workouts; engage sponsor support with benefits for members; establish reciprocal relationships with other endurance clubs and organizations; maintain visibility for the club; and procure USAT membership. If you would like to join our Board, please contact Tara Caul or Matt Spence.

Heather Barnes, Membership Chair

Tara Caul, Co-Manager, Event Planner   Why become a member of Redline? Because it’s amazing! If you are looking for camaraderie, motivation, and inspiration, then Redline is the place for you. Not only can Redline members provide you with lifelong training partners and support, they also have the combined knowledge of countless years of training and triathlon to help you reach whatever goals you are striving for.

Four years ago, I joined Redline at the very beginning of my triathlon journey. I had just finished post-surgical rehabilitation after a hip surgery and wanted to challenge myself with a big goal; why not learn how to swim and complete a sprint triathlon? Coming from a running background, I didn’t know how to swim and hadn’t been on a bike in years. That year, I learned how to swim and ride a road bike, all with the support of countless Redline members. Some of my favorite memories from that year were swimming at Elkhart Lake with other Redliners and overcoming my fear of lake swimming. After that first year, I went on to complete multiple sprint triathlons, an Olympic triathlon, and three 70.3 triathlons. The journey has been incredible! My favorite race memory would have to be at last year’s Madison 70.3. We started the swim in torrential downpour. The waves were huge! I remember standing in the mud, huddled under a garbage bag, waiting for my wave to get in the water. It was dark and freezing! After completing that swim, I felt like I could accomplish anything. The icing on the cake was slipping and sliding into transition because everything had turned into a mud bath. So much fun!

Board member since 2018

Matt Spence, Treasurer

Matt Spence, Co-Manager   Redline is truly a family style club. It is sometimes intimidating to jump into new things, especially something like triathlons, but everyone in the club is open and willing to offer advice to make your goals a reality. I’ve been doing Triathlons on and off for the last 20 years. I don’t keep track of how many I have completed, but once I’m done with this crazy adventure I hope to have completed one in every state! I don’t have any one triathlon moment that is the best. I have several memorable occasions, some you grow from, some you’re proud of. Completing the Door County Half in road-melting heat, finishing Ironman Wisconsin, making it up that last hill in (Ride Across Wisconsin) – all combine to be a great adventure! I have triathlon stories with some humor and humility, which is best told in person with animation. Feel free to ask about my entry back into triathlons after college and kids. Remind me it was the Waupaca Tri and I’ll be more than willing to share! Board member since 2014

Lynn Strauss, Club Manager

Lynn Strauss, Past Club Manager, Advisor   I appreciate the camaraderie and support from fellow Redline members and watching them succeed. Triathlon is a sport that continuously challenges us and yet it is a great parallel in how we live our lives. Nothing makes me more proud than seeing Redline members out there giving it their all and cheering each other on. My first triathlon (2003) was at Elkhart Lake with my mountain bike. Despite the extra effort on those hills that day, I fell in love with the support and the people who are drawn to triathlon. My first Ironman Wisconsin finish is the highlight of my tri experiences. A funny moment happened during my first triathlon. People were calling out my name cheering for me and I thought how cool is that they know my name (not realizing my name was on the bib). Board member since 2003  

Jim Fahrbach, Member at Large

Jim Fahrbach, Member at Large  After over 15 years in existence, I’m happy that the Redline Triathlon Club is still a growing and vibrant organization. I’m most proud of the new people that I have brought into the sport. The greatest moments for me are when I see people who I talked into trying a triathlon, come across the finish line.

I’ve lost track of how many triathlons I have done. In past years, I used to do two on a weekend. I started doing triathlons in 1979. I have completed 22 Ironmans and have been to Kona 10 times. Worlds 1996 in Indiana was my favorite triathlon moment. I did the Olympic distance and became a World Champion (first in my age group).

My funniest triathlon moment was when I ran out of transition and was still wearing my bike helmet.

Board member since 2003

Evelyn McLean-Cowan, Webmaster and Publicity Chair

Evelyn McLean-Cowan, Webmaster and Publicity Chair   I love the challenges and goals of triathlons. Most importantly, I love the camaraderie; I have met some of the nicest people. Because we share this common interest and spend time together training and encouraging each other, Redliners have become some of my best friends.

I joined Redline in 2005 after my doctor, a Redline member, said he was seeing me too often for running related injuries and that I should be cross training. I started out with the winter Saturday morning swims and by spring, Redline members were encouraging me to try cycling.

I have so many memorable triathlon moments. Most recently, I loved watching the fish beneath me during the ocean swim in the ITU World Aquathlon in Cozumel. My husband, daughter, son-in-law, and Bob, a Redline member were there cheering for me. The entire event was spectacular! At Nationals in Milwaukee 2015, our youngest son showed up in at least eight different spots on the course to cheer me on and take pictures.

My funniest triathlon moment was at the Ripon Triathlon when I realized that I had one cycling shoe and one running shoe on as I was leaving T2!

Board member since 2007

David Pieper, Clothing Chair

David Pieper, Clothing Chair   What I love about being a Redline Member: The camaraderie, the group training opportunities, and being part of a team.

I have been doing triathlons since 2007. By the end of 2016, I had completed over 60 triathlons.

My favorite moment would have to be in 2016, finishing my first Wisconsin Ironman Triathlon with my entire family there watching, along with many of my fellow Redline members.

Here are some humorous triathlon moments: Getting ready for IMWI and forgetting all of my transition snacks in the hotel. Also at IMWI, running the underwear race and having a group of visiting Asians stopping us to get pictures with them. But the best would also be at IMWI while on my second lap of the marathon – coming around the corner and seeing all five of my adult sons display a full group “moon,” right off State Street!

Board member since 2012

Laurie Pieper, Clothing Chair

Laurie Pieper, Clothing Chair   I love the people in Redline! No matter if it is a training activity, a race, or a social get together, I know it is going to be fun. Redliners are some of the most caring, supportive people I have ever meet.

I started doing triathlons in 2007 and have competed in over 60 triathlons.

A favorite triathlon moment: My husband and a few of my Redline friends talked me into doing Nationals in Milwaukee. I was hesitant because of the bike route. It was a short bike, but I would have to cross over a bridge. (I should say I am deathly afraid of high bridges.) Lucky for me, no one told me what bridge we would be crossing. Well, as you may have guessed, we crossed the Daniel Hoan Memorial Bridge (1.9 miles long and 120 ft. high) during the bike portion of the race. I made it over that bridge…and back! They say that you only grow when you leave your comfort zone. I left my comfort zone and grew a lot that day, thanks to the encouragement of my Redline friends!

Board member since 2012

Kristine Brasser, Assistant Webmaster and Wetsuit Rental Chair

Kristine Brasser, Membership Co-Chair and Treasurer   The shared knowledge, group swims, and cycling are some of my favorite things about being a Redline member.

My first triathlon was the Elkhart Lake Sprint in 2014. My favorite triathlon moment was crossing the finish line of my first Half Ironman in 2016.

A funny triathlon moment was when I raced a sprint triathlon with the temperature in the mid-30s at the start of the swim. I could finally feel my toes mid-run! At the time, I did not think it was funny or fun, but now I look back and just laugh at the craziness of it all.

Board member since 2016

Heather Barnes, Membership Chair

Heather Barnes, Membership Co-Chair   In 2003, a dear friend of mine told me, “We are doing a triathlon!” My response…”A triathala-what??” The journey has been a blast! From Accenture as my first tri in Chicago in Lake Michigan, and scaling up distances to Ironmans (IMWI) by 2006, these events draw a unique group of people that keep me coming back for more no matter the distance. Triathlon is a welcoming sport, where camaraderie and social time fit in with training with like-minded people. These triathletes, from all walks of life, and all levels of experience, from mentors to new members, are simply inspiring. They are sincerely funny, friendly, driven, kind, dedicated, focused, and are tri-family. 

Funny moments? I can think of too many. Hmm…at a race at Lake Geneva, in transition after the swim, I was standing, peeling my wetsuit down my legs to yank my feet out, lost balance, hopped, “I got it,” hopped, lost it, and fell over in a tangle of rubber. Cackling by friends ensued.

Inspiring moments? I love swimming with newer members who often panic in the open water group swims in Elkhart Lake. As one who has known panic, it’s satisfying mentoring them and addressing their self-talk to where they teach themselves to overcome that anxiety, and begin to enjoy that facet of what we do. Elkhart Lake is my favorite place to swim.

As a board, we are happy to answer any questions, assist, guide and mentor, and we will share our passion for this crazy and fun sport! I may do that with great enthusiasm. 

Board member since 2006

Heather Barnes, Membership Chair

Richard Niehueser, Webmaster Assistant, Workout Coordinator, Wetsuit Rental Organizer   The Redline Tri Club is so much more than the sum of its parts. Real people with real stories of fear, anxiety, triumph and greatness. It is a privilege to connect with these amazing athletes and share in this journey. Because of them, the crazy workouts we do are so much more bearable, and the best part is being able to text someone and say, Hey, let’s go for a swim, bike or run – it’s just like being a kid again! My favorite Triathlon is Door County where you will find me running with my cowboy hat cheering right back at the crowd that lines the course.

I entered the world of Triathlon in my 40s and did my first Ironman 70.3 soon after and then Age Group Nationals in Ohio and a full Ironman in Madison.  I have done a Duathlon, Biathlon, and in 2015 was ranked 18th in the nation at another one of my hobbies, target rifle shooting. “Come join our team and let us inspire you, or better yet, come and inspire me. “


Board member since 2018

Thank you to former Redline Board members: Bill Mahlik, Tami Gabrielse, Jeff Trepanier, Lisa Robson, Paul Gurzyinski, and Bob Wojcik

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